Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just too many and too little...

Too much requirements.

Too many questions to answer.

Too many quizzes, tests and exams to study for.

Too many places to be.

Too many people to meet.

Too many people (yes, I am aware that I have used "people" twice) that piss me off with their words and sometimes just their mere presence.

Too many screams caused by annoyance.

Too little hair left to pull off out of sheer frustration.

Too little energy left in my bones to climb four flights of stairs just to get to the third freaking floor (but I have to do it anyway, because I need the rest, half of which is going to climbing those four freaking flights of stairs.)

Too little brain cells left alive to complain how my life ultimately sucks at the moment.

Too little heart left to break whenever you (you know who you are) act like you don't care.

Too little blog entries that describe my life, the pain that it's causing, the tear-stained pillows and my determination to smile through misty eyes.

But hey, I try to live.

Give me some credit for that.

Lotsa love, Jana

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