Thursday, November 16, 2006

My one and only exercise program...

It's been weeks since I've felt like I could reach the sky.

Since I've felt truly and extremely happy.

Nothing much has changed. People still suck. Life is still going about it's predictable and still extremely painful cycle of pain, disappointment, quizzes, late nights, dumb remarks, shoving-foot-in-mouth, computer, requirements, looks of disdain, skipped meals, pimpled and scarred face and too many darn questions that need answers.


But since yesterday, I felt different. Like there was this little ray of light shining in my heart all along and finally tired of being put out by overflowing tears, this little ray of light decides to kick assh and become a full-on hardcore bright-light-the-way-the-sun-is-so-bright-at-noon-without-clouds-kind-of-bright-man!-yeah.

Like, in spite of the unchanging cycle I refuse to let another tear fall because of it.

At the very least I'm gonna try my very best not to let it fall.

I'm gonna be happy.

Just because life sucks, doesn't mean I don't have the strength to smile. Those muscles on my face need to be exercised too.

Which incidentally is the only exercise I'm ever going to do.

Lotsa love, Jana



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