Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tattooed and out to get you...

Yesterday-yesterday, I rode a jeep with this couple.

There wasn't much wrong with them. On normal circumstances I probably wouln't have thought they were couples because of the extreme lack of Public Display of Affections like most couples from the Philip of Pines. In fact they were just holding hands.

So why the blog entry about them?

Well, they had this weird identical tattoo on their left hands except the girl had it in dark blue and the guy had it in red. It was pretty cool and they were wearing identical rings on their fingers.

In fact their left hands we're pretty much identical.

I do not understand it but I have to admit that even though they did not look dangerous and they looked pretty much harmless. The guy looked frail and thinner than most normal guys and the girl was wearing yellow shirt.

What self-respecting evil person would wear a yellow shirt?

But I couldn't help but feel fecking scared of them.

Plus, it's also not helping how there was no one else sitting on their side of the jeep except me. The other side was pretty crowded and whenever someone else climbed the jeep they would go over to the crowded side.

I continued to look at them without them noticing me and I noticed other things too, that weirdly added to my fear.

She was wearing very heavy eye-liner, like a vampire. Except she's still wearing yellow, so not exactly like a vampire. And he had this weird shiny thing hanging out of his pocket, like something sharp.

My mind was filled with all kinds of evil scenarios, like maybe they're a pair of evil wiccans out to destroy the world or something. Flying jeep and me trying to save the world but falling flat on my face occupied my brain for a while.

Then I noticed the bag.

Oh my gosh what if they were terrorists?

You know like the ones that have to do weird things to be initiated into the group and they would have this special sign on their body to be recognized as one of the group. And in that bag, was a bomb and they're just waiting for that right moment to blow everyone up as part of their suicide mission?!

"Forget the flying jeep, I'm gonna grab that bag away from them the moment I get the chance." I thought.

That's when she opened the bag and it was filled with a stuffed toy and the rest are just weird essentials that all girls have. You know perfume and etc.

Ok so probably not a couple-terrorist-we're-gonna-bomb-you-till-you-like-die-yeah. But still they could be wiccans.

Evil wiccans.

My thoughts consisted of flying-jeeps-save-the-worl-flat-on-the-face once more, until they disembarked from the vehicle and as soon as they stepped on solid non-jeep ground, they embraced and...

I saw the boldest PDA ever.

Definite groping was involved.

And because of that I'm sure they were evil.

My poor eyes.

Lotsa love Jana

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