Saturday, November 04, 2006

Twenty five smelly cats...

I stare at your picture every now and then.

Wondering what in the world hit you in the head for you to decide that you wanted me to be your The Girl version of you being my The Guy version.

Yesterday you made me smile when you called me your princess.

Today when you called me your angel, I nearly reached the roof.

You must be the dumbest guy on earth because you fell in love with me.

But thank you for loving me and giving me the chance to love you back. You made a difference in my world. Honestly.

Before you, I thought I was gonna grow up an old maid and live with 25 smelly cats who will start eating me when I die that pitiful death by myself and my corpse is gonna smell like cat pee because cats are evil animals that do not care about their owner when they're dead and heck why did I even get 25 smelly cats when I could have gotten just one big happy dog in the first place.

See how I ruined my attempt at my making a completely mushy entry about you by talking about smelly cats who are going to eat and pee on me?

Are you sure you don't need that hit in the head, to wake up your senses?

At least just your eyes?

And yes, though it may cause guffaw here and there from other people.

I love you too, sweetie.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Sarge Charlie said...

very nice

12:42 PM 
Blogger Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

are you sure they will really eat you honey? really? now that is scary, i really think they would just lick you. not really eat you. see? they are nice kitties, right? (shake your head up and down janna) that's right. good girl. smiles, bee

9:10 PM 
Blogger Bankerchick said...

A lovely message of love in there if you can get past the smelly cats.

9:43 PM 
Blogger jana said...

to sarge, thanks. ^^

to bee, haha... well i only heard that they would do that. don't really have proof. i think i watched it in some csi episode...

to bankerchick, i'm incapable of writing a romantic message without somehow completely embarassing myself and the Guy

4:12 PM 
Blogger Tammie Jean said...

Hi Jana! I found your post through the Valentine's carnival, and it is really very endearing and adorable.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tammie Jean

1:52 AM 

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