Friday, December 01, 2006

Drip, drip, drip...

I'm tired of depressing entries.

People don't come here to read my depressing entries on life and how it sucks. They come here to see me make darn fool of myself and watch the continuing plunge of IQ below sea level.

Hence I shall do just that!

So, what self-degrading tactic should I put forward that would have clutching your stomachs from laughter like a girl having serious abdominal pain from her period?

Oh I'm sorry, was I too open over there?

I just got my period quite recently and I am in a really botchy mood.

[New vocab moment. Botchy. I think I've heard of the word botched up something, like make a mistake out of something. But never really the botchy. Therefore, before you all think that that is spelling mistake intended to spell a different word, specifically replacing the "o" with the letter right at it's left, you are wrong. I intended to spell botchy.

Though you know, in my non-existent dictionary, they pretty much mean the same thing.]

Why did Eve had to eat that darn apple?


Eve could have had any other type of food. But noo... had to eat the one thing that would cause her to die.

"Don't eat this. You can eat anything else but if you eat this you will die."

But what does Eve do?

And she was supposed to be the smartest female human.

And who the heck listens to a talking snake?!

I bet the perfect woman, before the fall, didn't have to deal with red stuff leaking out of their system. But nooo, because Eve decides,

"Well hey why not? There's probably nothing wrong with eating that fruit. I mean sure God did say I'm gonna die but it just looks so delicious, it can't be so bad. Plus that walking, talking snake said it's good. And everyone knows that talking snakes are the nicest animals on the planet."

And boom.

I'm stuck with a leaking faucet of red for five days every month.

Lotsa love, Jana



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