Monday, December 11, 2006


"Wait up! Please!"

You know the problem when you're considered as one of the boys? When you need to be treated like a girl, they fecking ignore you!

I'm not just talking about the usual rant that one-of-the-boys-girl-ranting-about-how-they're-so-much-like-the-boys-that-no-boy-will-fall-for-them. I mean, that is so passe already. Plus, I've ranted about that so very much that the words rant-about-how-guys-are-never-gonna-fall-for-me-cause-I'm-such-a-boy has so lost it's meaning for me that a rant that sounds close to it, automatically evokes words like,

"Ohmygosh, I can so relate!"

or more recently,

"Yes a lot of people has been through that, now please cease typing about this because darn it your fecking opening old wounds here!"

Anyway, where was I?

Yes, fecking ignore you!

I mean, no matter how much a girl acts like a boy, no matter how much a girl walks, talks, eats and dresses like a guy, it does not mean that she is a guy and that she always have the stamina like a guy and heck she may not even walk as fast as one!


Here I was, it's so cold, rain falls on my head, and what do the guys from my batch do? Bladdy can't even wait for me to catch up to them?

Sure, I can walk fast, but darn it, I can't walk fast all the time!

I'm a girl, with girlish stamina. I may have more of it compared to a normal girl, but heck it's still girly!

But, you know who's biggest fault it is?

Yours truly.

That's right, my very own fault that those guys didn't notice me breathing and heaving funkily is because I never said a word. Never showed them that I was tired.

"Hey Jan, are you still ok?" (facing me)

"Of course!" (turns away and funkylicous breathing happens)

No-no. See this is also a problem with being one of the boys. You have a reputation to uphold. You can't show them that you're weak, then you're no longer one of the boys.

Being one of the boys, defines and is a part of my very being for so very long, that I don't think I'd be able to survive without it in my system?

What would I have without it?

With it, I'm a not-so-average-girl-on-the-disadvantage-side that still spends time with boys a lot and can get really good friends among both boys and girls.

Without it, I'm a not-so-average-girl-on-the-disadvantage-side that has more than half of her friends gone because she's no longer one of them.

So you won't hear me say a thing.

Even if I'm breathing funkyliciously.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger Adrian said...


Quite a situation you got there!!

Guys still ask each other for help if ever they need it- so dont be afraid to ask.

Just so long as you dont make a habit of it!


9:55 PM 
Blogger jana said...


true, unfortunately, i am a girl.

1:15 PM 

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