Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas...


A semi-normal Internet connection.

But before anything, Merry Christmas!

And because I'm extra nice this year, behold I have been awarded a doll by Rubianca as a Christmas present.

Isn't she such an adorable looking thing? Go on. Drown yourself in all it's pretty glowing pretty-ness.

Anyways, onward to updating!

Yesterday, I spent Christmas Eve at the Philippine Ambassador's house. Which, by the way, is a big enough of a place that it even warrants it's own name.

Ang Bahay.

Translation: The House.

Her house is like filled with little tiny miniature stuff that are so very pretty and cute! And therefore since I'm feeling very cutesy-pie-y today, I shall upload pictures that I took when I went crazy and fell for them.

First Category: Angelic-little-objects-that-I-don't-have-a-name-for-because-I-have-no-idea-what-they-are-made-of-they-just-look-very-angelic-that's-all.

His name was the Singing Purple Angel. Or Spa for short.

Now Spa was a happy little angel. Filled with happy dreams and happy thoughts. He loved to sing and he really didn't give much of a care in the world...

Silver Angel Singer was the first girl Spa ever spotted. There he was walking past some Christmas decorations when he saw something silver and shiny in the corner of his eye.

When he saw it, bam! he was in love with the little figurine.

So simple, so elegant.

He wished he could take her back with him and see what that angel really could do, but no.

She was too good for that. She wasn't cheap. So tearful and painful it may be, he left her there. Standing. Proud. Singing soundlessly into the night.

His heart hurt. He didn't want to leave her there, but he knew, if he had really loved her, he would let her go.

So he kept walking. Turning his eyes here and there, looking for the angel for him.

But he had looked for her in all the wrong places...

When Spa met this Golden Little Angel With A Trumpet, he thought maybe.

Just maybe she would be the one.

Unfortunately, she used him. She led him on with her beautiful tunes only to drop him the minute he gave her the look.

You could tell he knew what he was doing the minute he played that soundless harp. That little scheming Angel. Silver though he maybe like Spa's first true love, he was not like her at all.

Appearing all sensitive to win the heart of girls who were already taken.

Try as he may, Spa couldn't do anything anymore. So with another heart break on his list, he turned away and he walked on, leaving Angel With A Trumpet and Guy Angel Wearing A Skirt together.

Drunk with pain, he decided that he would just look for any girl. Anyone who would have him.

Any girl at all.

That's when she met,

The sister of the very guy who made Angel With A Trumpet leave him, Dark Pink Angel With A Skirt.

Try as he may, it was so hard for them to ever be together, for her brother's betrayal was too much of a pain to accept.

Spa could never forgive Guy With A Skirt. Never!

And because of that, bitter quarrels, one after another occurred between Dark Pink Angel With A Skirt and Spa, till they too had to separate ways.

Spa was, once again, left alone.



His heart torn to pieces.

Until Spa met her.

Angel With A Face.

At first Spa was a little worried. Worried that she too might hurt him. That she too might break his wee little heart.

But she broke the ice in his heart.

And finally after many heart breaks and painful moments, Spa found happiness with Angel With A Face.

The End.

Second Category: Other-stuff-that-found-interesting-but-too-lazy-to-put-a-story-to.

Miniature ducks! How totally wicked is that?!

Looks like just a simple little model right? But look closer...

See even little models admit the need of Internet too.

She looks so like my Grandma, my mom's mother. It was well... kinda freaky seeing the model version of your grandmother.

Third Category: Pictures-didn't-happen-at-The-House.

If I had a pipe plunged into my cheek, I don't think I'd be smiling at all.

That's us, fifty years later. White hair everywhere.

Santa Wanna-be.

Merry Christmas!!

Yeesh, is it that hard to say?!

Warning: Big styro-people. Will attack when provoked. Watch out for flying balls of foam.

I thought that was pretty smart to put styro on the plant. Looks so much like the real thing right?

Hehe, so cute.


Fourth Category: The-vain-owner-of-the-blog-and-other-crap

Me and my new pretty cellphone that my parents got for me.

So that you don't forget that even among the cute-ness you can still find the scary.

So I leave you with this picture.

Pretty house.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger Michael-From-The-Future said...

Hi Jana!

Found your site by following a comment from another site (Adrians blog I believe)!

Just wanted to comment since I stayed here and read a bit, congratulations on your new camera-phone! And the little doll pic at the top is cute.

I agree with you about FROSTY THE SNOWMAN and the pipe in the cheek ;) I wouldn't be smiling either!

Take Care,
Enjoyed the pics!


9:08 PM 
Blogger Queen Sana said...

Oh my GOD, Jana!!!

You must have SO much time on your hands.


But the angel story was adorable, enjoyed that muchly!

9:09 AM 
Blogger jana said...

to michael, haha thanks.

to sana, no it's all the pent up blog energy that I have kept in since I arrived in Brunei...

4:27 PM 
Blogger Adrian said...


Looks like you really had a good Christmas!!

VERY funny and interesting post Jana- that snowman comment was "top form"!

8:04 PM 
Anonymous Secret Simon said...

Hi - Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog last week. Your pictures are interesting. I think I know what happens now to the people who play that Second Life game online. They think it all happens inside the computer but they really end up as little models in the Philippine ambassador's house. Scary!

9:40 AM 
Blogger jana said...

to adrian, thanks.

to secret simon, no prob. and thanks for leaving one on mine too. ^^

12:54 PM 

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