Friday, December 15, 2006

A ranting rant...

Merry Christmas.

Not "Merry X'mas"

Not "Season's Greetings"

Not "Happy Holidays"

But, Merry Jesus-Christmas.


It really peeves me when I hear this bunch of people complaining and whining about how no one should say "Christmas" anymore because it offenses a bunch atheists or other religous people.

I don't put down Muslims when they "Selamat Hari Raya!" Do I?

Christmas is not about Santa Claus falling down a chimney. It's not about generosity. It's not about family and spending time together. It's not about friends and reunions.

Heck is not just about giving.

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is all about Jesus Christ and it pisses me off, when they take the Christ out of Christmas and and and!

When people are celebrating it the way it should be, people complain how it's not respecting them and it offends their philosophies and stuff.


This is a Christian Holiday.

No matter how much publicity it's going to get. No matter how many people decide it's the in thing to celebrate. No matter how much it becomes altered into this give-gifts-and-recieve-them-little-hearts-becoming-big-hearts-like-that-Grinch-guy-which-might-I-say-is-a-totally-funny-movie-but-still.

Christmas is a Christian Holiday.

Whether you like it or not, it's there to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Man-God who came to earth and died for all of us.

Whether you believe it or not, is not the point here.

Christmas is for Christians.

Don't like is it?

Then don't fecking participate.

Yeesh, isn't that simple enough?

*mumbles about people who tried to change the name "Christmas Lights" to "Winter Lights" and sounding suspicously like the words "Winter Lights! What about people who don't leave in snowing countries?! What are they gonna call them then? So dumb!"

Oh, and Merry Christmas by the way.



Anonymous Adrian said...


Well said!!

A LOT of people feel this way- and I blame the whole Politically Correct movement for this.


4:02 AM 
Blogger Barb said...

THANK YOU! I so totally agree!

I cringe every time a store clerk says "Happy Holidays" so as not to offend me. Well, I AM offended by that! It is Christmas, as you say. Why do people need to apologize for that?

So I tell the clerk "Merry Christmas" and blast them a big smile.

Just because I wish someone Merry Christmas, doesn't mean that if they do not celebrate my holiday I will hang them from the nearest tree. I may want to tell them the good news. But I don't think good news and a smile ever really hurt anyone.

anyway, thanks

11:47 AM 
Blogger jana said...

to adrian, exactly. why does everybody have to be politically correct and stomp over someone elses beliefs?

stupidity is what i call it.

to barb, i know what you mean. been really giving my friends a hard time whenever they text me "Merry X'mas"

haha, i always make them text the same message with the proper spelling.

lotsa love, jana

9:02 AM 
Blogger RobC said...

Jana, ure da Girl!
You are absolutely right, everyone else celebrates their religious days but we Christians always seem to back down. He never said that was the way to love your enemies.

3:50 PM 
Blogger jana said...

to robc, i know. isn't our right to celebrate Christmas the Christian way? yeesh.

3:55 PM 
Blogger RobC said...

You got me thinking...


4:20 PM 

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