Sunday, December 03, 2006

The wonders of photoshop...

I went to the studio yesterday to get my picture taken.

Ever wonder why whenever you go to studios to get your picture done it seems like a whole different person appears on the piece of printed picture?

Ever wonder why it seems that your pimples, acne, scars, etc. disappear?

Ever think it's because the camera guy is a total professional and probably can get your best shot and that's why it always looks better than you yourself taking the picture?

Yesterday, I saw the biggest lie of my life performed on my face.

See that clear face? That clear skin?

Here's the second picture.

Yesterday, instead of going out and moving around the mall while they're "printing" the picture, like I usually do, I stayed behind and watched the process being done.

That's when I realized the lie.

Photographers aren't any better than me when it comes to taking pictures!

When I saw them commit the crime against my face, I decided to ask to save to CD the original copies as well.

And here are the originals

See any differences?

How about we play a game of spot the differences?

And then it hit me.

Maybe that's what all people do?

Acne creams, pimple cleansers dark spot removers! And you realize the whole photo/advertisement company has been fooling you all along!

Want to get rid of acne/scars/pimples/dark spots/ugly crap on your face? Use our acne/scar/pimple/dark spot/crap on your face remover!

Ask our satisfied customer!


Still not satisfied?

Let me bombard you with another picture!



Why don't you ask her yourself?!

Jana: Yes those things totally work. And no, no one altered my face in any way. Especially not the digital way. I'm just really good at taking the same pose twice.

So go ahead and buy our acne/scar/pimple/dark spot/crap on your face remover to remove all your acne/scars/pimples/dark spots/ugly crap on your face!

Lotsa love, Jana



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oi! great pictures! haha... now only u know tht u cud digitally erase flaws? hehe hey u have a really nice smile, u shud smile wider =D

5:08 PM 
Blogger jana said...

to anon, haha thanks...

5:21 PM 

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