Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rantingly yours...

As I was riding the bus yesterday, I got into thinking.

Why do a lot of people think that Christians are prejudiced people who want to take over the world?

I was watching this reality show on tv recently and they say they have every representative from every kind of teenager in the Philippines. I realized, no they don't. Where's the Christian teenager? Where's the kid who treats Jesus and God as their own personal bestfriend and not waiter/vending machine only useful when they need something?

They have the early mother teen. The homosexual teen. The geek. The jock. The weird outcast but pretty cool guy. The girly-girl. But there's no Christian kid?

Then I realized every single accusation that certain people say about how Christians are prejudiced people who don't listen to other peope's opinion are doing the same exact thing with us. I mean, look at it. They're willing to listen to the pro-abortion people and say that we should be willing to listen to the women of this world about their right... but what about the unborn kid?

Is it because that they can't speak and that they're not seen by the public eye that we shouldn't protect them too?

If you have a danger of getting killed during pregnancy, why the heck did you get yourself knocked up in the first place? So you didn't know you could get killed? Hello, ever heard of getting checked up first before you let your hormones get the better of you? If you're a teenager or a business lady and not ready to have a child, then why'd you have sex in the first place knowing full well that that could lead to pregnancy? It's not the unborn kid's fault you were stupid.

And you can't justify murder with stupidity.

I still get so amazed at how people are valuing the life of other people less and less nowadays. It's actually almost to the point that I'm disgusted to be a human being because it means I'm connected to them.

But my point is this. No one has ever been really fair. It's in the human nature to be fair. People listen to the famous ones. The one with the bigger voice. The more popular opinion. The one with the richer people in it. The one with the thin models. The one with stars in it.

Remember when the Passion of the Christ came out? The media did all kinds of things to discredit the producer of that film. All kinds dirt about him they brought out, just to say "Look at that. Christian people say we should be good and blah-blah-blah when he can't even do it himself. Gosh! Christians are such fakes."

But when the book, Da Vinci Code came out. Everyone will ignore the fact that Dan Brown got all his interesting crap from someone else. Can't even lie orginally. And no, heaven forbid that they will notice the fact that the book is horribly and badly researched. It's a contreversial book against Christianity, who cares about all that other minor details?

We Christians aren't perfect, I at least admit that. We make mistakes. We fall. We sin, but we deal with it in a different way. At least I think I do. I ask for forgiveness. I admit my mistakes. I'm a Christian but I'm not Jesus Christ who is perfect in every way. Don't think that just because we're named after Him, it means we're exactly like Him. I'm not excusing our mistakes. A mistake is a mistake. A sin is a sin. But cut us some slack, you're just like us.

Let's see you be perfect. You make mistakes too. We just have a different way of handling it when we fall than most people. We pray and ask God for forgiveness. I think it's better than justifying our sin by saying it's a disease or that we were born that way...

They give Bhuddists a voice. The muslims. The Hindus. Even those scary witches/wiccan people who worship Satan [I'm sorry but worshipping the devil? Am I the only one who sees something wrong with that?]. But when the Christian people speak up, BAM we're accused of prejudice and looking down on people and and accusing us of forcing people to do things their own way.

I'm not into organized religion, don't get me wrong. I mean, it's dumb and nobody ever knows anything really. But honestly? I'm doing the things I am. Studying in a Bible college. Believing in everything the Bible says because I've seen proof that it's true. It's my personal opinion because I saw other and then I saw it. And I realized for myself that it was the truth.

Therefore, I'm not doing this because heck everybody is doing it. I'm not doing this because my mom or my dad forced me to. Not because I want others to think of me as "spiritual" but because I want to follow the truth in my life. And that truth can be found by being a Christian.

Sometimes, it really pisses me off how certain people tell us that we should consider the other options around us and not be so closed minded about it and then make a choice. But that's just it. Why are you willing to consider the options of other but not Christianity? Why do you keep your minds closed and forever say that we are wrong without even checking us out? Why completely reject us because some guy on tv or some bitter professor said that we couldn't possibly be correct?

Though I joke about my IQ going down several notches every now and then, but I'm a smart person. I do know how to think for myself. I don't let other people dictate what I should or should not do. If there's a doubt, I try to figure it out. To see the mistakes. I was part of the debate team, so I think I can argue pretty well. Not to toot my own horn or anything, first time we entered the competition we entered into the semi-finals and second time, we were national champions and I became best speaker.

I think I can safely say that I'm not so gullible.

Honestly? People have lamented on the fact that I chose to go to a Bible College. Said what the heck am I going to do with my life? I'm gonna graduate after five years and then what? Where am I gonna get the money to survive? Said it was such a waste of life. But I beg to differ.

I chose to do this, because I believe in what I'm doing.

I just wish some certain people would open up their minds and get their facts straight before doing some bashing. If you got a problem with Christianity, then ask a Christian individual who knows what they're talking about and not newbie who don't know anything yet.

But for the love of blogging, please don't stop at just asking some bitter atheist or some other professional and not get the side of a good Christian. Because if you do, then please don't take it against me for calling a fecking biased person.

To the certain people,
You know who you are. You know what you say and how you bash us. Once I saw one of you stating that the Bible was a book of fairy tales and no one should take it seriously. Now I want to ask you a question?

Have you ever opened it? Have you ever read it with an open mind without having pre-conceptions about it? Have you truly opened because you just wanted to see what it said and not because you want to prove that the Bible is filled with myths and legends?

I honestly, truly doubt it.

So... in a maybe-not-so-Christian-like-manner, feck off and get yout facts straight, you moron, before you bash in other people's beliefs because you have nothing better than a second-hand opinion.

Lotsa love, Jana

PS. My birthday is January 24th.

The real one! I'm turning 18!

I'm legal. No longer a minor... I'm a major!



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