Monday, February 12, 2007

Before the rising...

Woke up early today.

Usually, being the sloth-transformed-human-being that I am, I wake up early, do the usual morning preparations for the day and fall right back to sleep, especially when I don't have a morning class.

But today was different.

I woke up early, the sun wasn't even out yet, and after all my morning preparation, I went out of my room, down the stairs, out the door and sat outside and waited for the sun to rise.

I have to admit, there is just something so beautiful about watching the sun rise. Something moving about watching the darkness flee from the overpowering rays of light from the sun.

It was a cold morning today, and I spent most of it sitting down in one of the huts scattered around the campus. Music in my ear and a book in hand, for the first time in several long months since I arrived back here in the Philip of Pines, I was glad to be alone.

It's amazing, having no worries to think about, to just sit there and have all the time in the world to read a good book and listen to good music while the nice cold-but-not-freezing-kind-of-cold wind plays with the strands of your hair.

I have half a mind to this every single morning.

Maybe I won't feel so lonely anymore because I can realize that it's alright to be alone because you can turn it into a beautiful time such as this morning.

Maybe my sloth-transformed-human-being can be conquered and I can do this every single day.

Maybe it might be fun.

Maybe I will do it every single day.

Lotsa love, Jana



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