Monday, February 19, 2007

So very low...

I wrote a really long entry.

Then there was a power fluctuation and my computer died.

Without letting me post my long and very pensive entry. Needless to say, I am feeling quite upset at the moment.

Bladdy heck!

And it was such a long and pensive entry about the sun rising and the batch mates jogging and and the mosquitoes being like vampires except you don't become a mosquito when they bite you.

But nooo.

That genius-ness of an entry was lost in the oblivion that was caused by a darn computer who decided to take a quick nap.

I mean it even had the story about a girl with two names but the two names had nothing to do with story it's just there to fill up the space because I couldn't think of anything that extraordinary about her.

I am sighing in regret.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

And now, now I'm too lazy to type about it again because I have a short memory storage problem and can't even begin to wonder what the heck did I type before, except maybe for the little little phrases that I thought was pretty cool enough to store into my long term memory.

And now... now instead of reading an entry filled with laughter and tears and joy and pretty much all around funny-ness, you get this lame crap. You know those kind of things... those kind of thoughts... those kinds of entries, they don't come around in my head very often.

But, I guess you're never gonna see the witty me make an appearance today. And I spent a whole entry rambling on and on about a lost entry that I made earlier.

Truly I have reached an all time low.

Lotsa love, Jana



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