Sunday, February 18, 2007

That little boy...

When I was a little girl, I had a childhood sweetheart named Miko.

My mom would tell me stories of how we used to always hang out together. Holding hands all the time. Smiling and sitting next to each other during recess. He even called me one time on the phone at home.

We were inseperable.

Of course, I was seven.

But you gotta admit, if this was happening ten years later, it would have been really cute and romantic and all.

But at seven, I migrated to Brunei, leaving the Philip of Pines and Miko, at the back of my head. I never thought I would see him again. I even almost forgot his name. Almost because my mom would never ever let me forget that one young boy who was the first among the very few that would be having a crush on me.

Then I went back to the Philippines. To study.

And then I met him again.

My childhood sweetheart.

His physical features hasn't changed much, or so the pictures and vague memories tell me. His hair and eyes and skin still look the same.

But, I hardly recognized him from the stories my mom would tell. My mom told me how we used to spend hours together. I was a talkative kid, so I'm figuring he was too. And I'm figuring since his mom and my mom talked so much when they saw each other, we would too.

But he barely paid attention to me, unless it was me who started the conversation first.

From what I heard he has this girlfriend... who he leaves whenever he wants and the girl is so... well for lack of better word... pathetic that she waits for him to come back. And he does come back.

Only to leave again.

I wish I never saw him again.

I wish I never met him again.

Seeing him and meeting him, well, it ruined whatever good memory I had about that little boy who once had a crush on me and who I once I had a crush on too.

I sigh in regret.

Lotsa love, Jana



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