Saturday, March 10, 2007


I got away from it all today.

When you get home to a concrete jungle every week after facing a week full of stress and requirements and other kinds of stuff piling over each other, it gets old and tiring and honestly you don't get much of any real rest anyway.

Today I went to a province. And I wanted to stay forever. The peace in that place, the people, the simplicity.

It overtakes you.

And you never want to leave.

Sitting there in the middle of nowhere, with the sound of the river flowing and the winds blowing and the birds singing and the quietness just leaving you breathless.

I absolutely adored it.

The simple life.

For those few hours of my life, when I could just close my eyes and breathe in deeply nice clean air and think.


I didn't want to leave.

Somebody tear down all the buildings in all the city and plant grass and pile ground for hills so that everyone can have a simple life but I'll be darned if they take away the necessities of life like cellphones computers TV music and all that other hooplah but you know everything like cars and noise and large buildings and smoke has got to go away.

Lotsa love, Jana


Oh yeah, Sana did tag me....

I'm just not good at that kind of things.

I am so very sorry. It's not that I don't want to. I'm just... well. I just suck at coming up with those kind of things...

I do apologize.

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