Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I know this is way long overdue, but I hope Sana can forgive me.

The Rules
"Those who get tagged must post 6 weird things about themselves in their blog and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post, you must choose 6 other people to tag."

The Results
1. I can face lions and tigers and hug humongous pythons and other wild creature but I scream like a helpless baby in the face of tiny cockroaches, spiders and rats. It runs in the family. Me and my brother are exactly alike that way.

2. I speak in perfect and flawless English around foreigners, especially those that are of the very white variety and speak English as their first language to prove only one thing. That just because you were born and that you grew up in a country where English is the second language doesn't mean you can't do it. Because I can and I do speak in an American accent with no hint of the Filipino one and still speak fluent Tagalog with no hint of an American accent.

(Sorry San, it might look like I was copying you... but I totally wasn't.


Maybe just a little bit.

Alright, a lot then.)

3. I have this tendecy to suddenly speak out of the blue what I was thinking at the moment. Even when I'm all by myself. It's an embarrassing habit that as plagued me and I even had a janitor look down on me for catching me talking to myself, twice.

4. When I'm sleepy, I don't look like it but I say the damnest things like me and my friend where on the phone and I was trying my hardest not to show that I was sleepy... but then I suddenly said, "Did you pick up our child at the day-care center?"

I was talking to a girl.

5. I feel shy among salespeople and those selling stuff cause I can never really say no to them and not feel bad. I mean here they are doing the best they can, earning money to support themselves and I feel really bad when I can't do anything to help them because I don't have the money to. This is why I always look down or pretend I don't see them, because the minute they look at me in the eyes, they got me. I have to buy something.

6. I like to establish to people that I'm a risk-taker but I make sure that whatever happens on the risks I take the results can only be one thing. I can brag about it. If it was a success, I did it! If I fail, hey I survived it! I might be a risk-taker, but I'm a sure risk-taker.

And that's all folks.

I tag...

No one.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger Annie said...

Hey, i love your blog. Linked to ya :) keep up the good work - i'll be back!


1:00 PM 
Blogger AceOne118 said...

Hi, I would like to exchange link wif you. I will do the same okay anot?

10:06 AM 
Blogger jana said...

sure i'd love to exchange links with you... sorry haven't updated in a while ^^

5:18 PM 

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