Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tsunami, people style...

After church service today, I went to the mall.

I arrived a bit earlier, like fifteen minutes early and most of the shops weren't open yet, but the mall was because there was this Roman Catholic service thing going on inside.

Which may I just point out is extremely weird already because, it's hard to imagine something religious going on inside a mall.

But what a way to increase in church attendance, huh?!

So anyway, I was there and oh my gosh...

I've never seen anything so scary in my entire life.

That mall was empty and dark and lonely and I didn't want to be inside that freaking mall because there was nobody around except for the few maintenance people and some staff getting ready for the selling and the buying that was to ensue the next few minutes.

Bladdy scary being there.

I'm not used to few people in malls (The Mall in Brunei does not count because it cannot be considered as a real mall.) and it's so weird to see the big mall so empty like that.

But it's also kinda cool cause when I turned around at exactly 10 am in the morning, I saw this big wave of people overtaking the empty spaces in the mall. It was like a tsunami or something.

A tsunami of shopaholics.


It was weird, but interesting.

Lame entry.

I have lost it.

Lotsa love, Jana


Hey at least it's better than a blog about how depressed and heartbroken I am about the Guy isn't it?

It's gets tiring after a while.

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