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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... um Person

A person once (by once I mean very very recently) called me this. It took all of my self-control and brain matter (which is almost to the point of non-existence) to not scream with ridiculously and incredibly loud tone of voice whether this person was kidding me. This is the only thing you can never ever ever call me.

I work better with mess. I live better with mess. I eat better with mess. I sleep better with mess. I read better with mess. I study better with mess. Heck I even breathe better with mess.

Which you know just goes to show that I am a freakazoid, an alien from outer-boundaries-at-the-very-edge-of-space, an adopted IQ-ever-decreasing mud-pie-person girl.


My whole family? You can definitely call them Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... um Person... or like People. Whatever.

Mom - Cannot fall asleep without fixing the whole house once she started. Has the strength of ten men when lifting cabinets, TVs, tables all in an attempt to beautify every single corner of the house in one whole day.

Dad - fixes every little thing and checks every little thing at every little moment in every single day. Keeps his caps and favorite VCDs and DVDs in a line and wears and watches them one after the other. Never ever wears a cap/watches a movie twice in a row.

Bro - more organized than any girl I know. Has a box for everything. Labels and categories galore. Secretly (obviously not from me) keeps a box for his precious watch no one can ever ever touch or breathe upon.

Jana - keeps a pile for her records. That's a pile, not file. Makes several attempts to organize herself but fails miserably. Do not attempt to open cabinet if you don't want to risk several infections and cancers the moment you breathe the toxic air emanating from said cabinet.

I don't know. I kinda like being unique from my family.

Of course risking the normal people of the planet with my very presence cannot be really a good thing.

Ah well.

Lotsa love, Jana



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