Thursday, August 09, 2007

Broken schedule...

Dear President of the Philip of Pines,

This is the second time this week that you have effectively ruined my schedule by announcing to the whole Philip of Pines that there would be no classes.


What are you, crazy? The sun is shining the, the birds are singing, the trees are swaying, what a good student needs right now is to be locked up inside a room and be bombarded with lessons and ideas that would probably never be used in real life work.

Therefore in protest to your announcement, I will effectively lock my self in a room and study my freaking bum-bum off till I manage to perfect that exam which was postponed for the 32nd time, all because of your announcement that there would be no classes.

And if I die because I did not go up for air or food, my blood be upon your hands! Instead of midterms for a week, our midterms are effectively lasting for more than half a month and if you so much as dare to announce another no classes announcement, I will arrange a rebellion and coup so hard and so strong that it will leave you scrubbing floors for the rest of your life.

No one should ever be allowed to mess with my schedule.

I hate you.

Lotsa love, Jana

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Blogger Rubianca said...

Hi Jana~ Wanted to leave you a comment so you could comment on mine! X33

Shhh... Not so loud we must conspire! The guhvament is everywhere!

*shifty eyes*

I was never here.

10:26 AM 

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