Sunday, August 19, 2007


What's a good way to start a story?

Well according to Cameron Dokey it starts with a simple,

Once upon a time...


Once upon a time, there lived a girl of eighteen and she was just about to sleep but then she realized it was really really late into the night. Afraid that she might sleep in, which is, you know, usually the case for lazy bums such as herself, she set the alarm to ring at exactly 4.00 am so that she might have time to regroup what's left of her loyal brain cells.

At 4.00 am her alarm rang loud and true. Inside her brain, her loyal brain cells (LBC) were fighting a war with the fallen ones, aka: The Lazy Bum Brain Cells Who Always Get Their Way (TLBBCWAGTW). It was a fight like never before and the loyal brain cells suffered heavy losses.

With their winning, they managed to force the girl of eighteen to turn off her alarm and fall asleep until it was already 8.00 am and she only had an hour left for preparation. At this she said "oh man. I'm going to be late again" and then she stood up to get ready.

Inside her brain, another battle was going on. With their previous win, came the decision to attack again. TLBBCWAGTW fought against the LBC. The LBC, not fully recuperated from the previous battle, once again suffered heavy losses.

The result?

TLBBCWAGTW forced the girl of eighteen to use the internet and update her blog.

Making her very very late.

And they all did not live happily ever after. Considering the fact that she's late and half of her loyal brain cells are dead and the very form of evil, TLBBCWAGTW, lives inside her brain and controls her every movement. How can one live happily after that?

Lotsa love, Jana



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