Sunday, September 16, 2007

To Jammie From Janajee...

I was going through a bunch of crap that belongs to me that my mom inevitably brought home when I asked her to bring back this box filled with mementos, when I found the first ever poem written on the face of planet earth dedicated to me.

It was a gift for my, I think, seventeenth birthday.

Either my friend wanted to make me a special gift that could not be bought or she is a cheapskate. But I've always liked to think it was the previous and not the latter. Though knowing her, she does show this tendency to lean toward that attitude like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, never knowing when she's going to become a full-fledged cheapskate.
My Gift
I wonder if I'd ever say
The words that on your special day
Seemed repeated, seemed too old
Because too many people told
I wonder if I'd ever give
A tailored-made or simple gift
To you, at least, and make you smile
And one day rummage through a pile
Of gifts and trinkets you've recieved
And hope that you would then percieve
A tiny something sent to you
By a weirdo who had few
A weirdo who was made your friend
Who says she was happy you had lent
Your lunches and your breaktime treats
And challenged her through every feat
A girl who says you are someone
Who she could count on next to none
You, who made her feel so strong
And you who always laughed along
The weird girl said you gave her things
A happy past to reminisce
The gifts beyond the gifts of gold
You gave her something she could hold
You gave her trust and made her feel
She was a person who was real
The moments you have always shared
You made her feel you always cared
She likes your laugh she'd always say
The fun you had throughout the day
Those times with you she won't regret
Though lots of things she would forget
Those times were brighter than the sun
Those times she thought that she had none
Oh how she was so proven wrong
The moment that you came along
And as you see the gift she gave
It tells that she would want to stay
Friends for life, until she could
And hoping if you also would
But, then I guess it wouldn't do
Coz dollars now I have to few
I wished to give a little thing
That moments it could always bring
That when you look, at least you can
Remember that once you had someone
Somebody was named as "Jam"
And Jammie also had one "Jan"
This poem's all I have to give
To you, I hope you would believe
You are my friend throughout everything
And now I guess I have to sing...
Happy Birthday!!!
Love Yah Jan!!

-Jam A. 24/Jan/05, 10:07:24pm

And do you realize it's your birthday tomorrow Jam? Oh gosh I have missed you so much.

Love Yah Too, Jam!!

Lotsa love, Jana

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