Sunday, September 09, 2007

To Jem...

Once upon a time, fifteen years, eight months and fifteen days ago, a little boy was born while his three year old sister was sleeping peacefully, tired because her birthday had just finished.

A couple of years later we see this little boy and little girl hugging and loving each other. The little girl would do anything for the little boy and would never ever leave the little boy's side.


Then puberty hit the little girl and she tried her best to avoid her little brother because hello? Brothers are not a growing pre-teen's bestfriend. Then she saw a horrendous act being exhibited onto her little brother and she is suddenly filled with this overprotective feeling and she soon decided that no one can ever hurt her brother (with the exception of herself of course).

"No one messes with my brother and gets away with it."

After that incident, the not-so-little girl decided that she is going to act just like a boy so that anyone who ever messes with her little brother will only get one big bum-whipping so hard that he'll fly back to which ever land he hailed from.

More years pass by and the not-so-little girl watches the little boy turn into a not-so-little boy. He learns to have his own friends and he learns that girls, except mom and his sister of course, are not yucky as he first thought they were. He learns to fall hard for a girl and he learns the pain of a nonreciprocating love.

Yet to her, he will always be the little boy she grew up with. The little boy she once shared her room with for seventeen years. The little boy she wrestled with and cried with. The little boy she would spend all night telling each other jokes and laughing and laughing and laughing over something we've watched gazillions of times already. The little boy whom she loves with all her very heart.

Jem, your Ate misses you very much.

Lotsa love, Jana

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