Friday, September 07, 2007

Writer's wish...

Out of the abundance of my heart, words tend to spill out.

I really don't understand myself at times. Sometimes I feel like there is a whole load of words wanting to spill out of me but when I have the moment to sit down and type/write something all I get is a blank page with nothing but the feeling to write.

I think I have a permanent case of writer's block.

I look at the blank page and I want to fill it with words and the words fail to come and then I start panicking and type/write anything and everything that comes to mind. I lack organization of thought and heck knows I can't make an outline and actually follow it.

Sometimes it depresses me, sometimes I even manage to convince myself that the crap I type does actually contain some sort of meaningful message. Most of the time thought I just get frustrated, sleep and forget all about it.

I guess the thing that is on my mind right now is so simple that I cannot elaborate on it anymore.

I want to write like a real writer for once.

Lotsa love, Jana



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7:54 PM 

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