Thursday, October 04, 2007

The beauty of figurative language...

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Hermeneutics Class Discussion.

"And he covered his feet."

"Covered? What for? Was he cold? Why only his feet? Why not his whole body? Is he trying to reveal to us some really deep meaning? Does feet have some sort of spiritual depth that needs to be covered?"

"It's an example of figurative languages found in the Bible."

"Oh. Wow. So what does it mean? Does it mean that because his feet is the tool that would take him from place to place, it needs to be covered as if to protect the very tool that brings a person life? By not using your feet and not going anywhere, you eventually cannot spread the gospel and therefore never fulfill your mission. Does this reference to covering your feet have anything to do with this?"


"Well what does it mean then?"

"It means he's getting rid of waste."


"It means he's taking dump."


"So it's not so spiritually deep?"



"Yeah. Which reminds me, I have to cover my feet."

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