Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Dear Exams,

I think I hate you all the more now that I'm in college. I mean hello, you just don't seem to be the nicest person on the planet. You turn people into monosyllabic zombies addicted to coffee and getting into contests to see who can survive the longest without sleep.

I already didn't like you in high school, what with your annoying habits of ruining my schedule on TV and having to squeeze in some studying here and there when I had more important things to do like eating and sleeping and breathing, at least I could still do those things.

But you have just gotten worse beyond compare. Why do you torture me so? Do you love to see me squirm at the lengths of what I am going to be studying? Do you love to see black bags the size of California under my eyes? Do you get the giggles when you see me skipping meals and sleep? Do you feel fuzzy inside when I look feel and am zombie?

I hate you.

I really do.

Lotsa love, Jana



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