Friday, October 26, 2007

The sun demands brushing of teeth...

Having a very recent messed up sleeping cycle, a person tends to somewhat be surprised when the wee hours of the morning end and the sun actually comes up and then hear other people in the house waking up and doing things like I dunno, brushing there teeth or something. And then you're all, huh? It's morning. Hmm, maybe I should get some sleep.

Unfortunately, tomorrow... erm today... I need to go to the college and enroll for the second semester. The time wherein I have to "get up" and take a shower would be in maybe less than hour, so lying down is pretty much useless. The confusion of mixing two days into one is going to be so immense that I almost look forward to the comical event that today will be.

I've also seemed to have gotten a cold. Darn, I knew those baths at 3 am in the morning was just begging for some cold nose-whipping sniffles. Also my brain seems to have sunk further down the drain than before and is actually finding excitement at things like ohmegosh it's now the time I actually have to wake up when I didn't actually sleep, how twisted is that? I really do wonder how my classmates at school will react to the sleep-deprived, time-day-huh?-confused, cold-sniffles-a-lot Jana.

I can't wait.

Lotsa love, Jana



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