Wednesday, October 17, 2007

High School Time...

My parents were right.

College and high school are so different from each other. It's like a whole other lifetime when you compare it. So many changes and so many new things happening that you barely recognize you high school-self from you college-self. One and a half years isn't that long, so why does it feel like a decade?

Me and Waj

I remember the hours I used to spend crying and talking with you. We shared everything to each other. I was your listener and you were mine. There were times you made me feel like I was the only one who could make you laugh when you were crying. I don't know whether you really thought my lame jokes were funny, or you felt bad for me and decided to just laugh to make the weird girl shut up already. I would always love sitting next to you and sharing life and how our crushes were so messed up and how our boyfriends are so alike, that they ought to be thrown down the nearest ditch for annoying us both. I miss our talks, a lot.

Me and Nadie

I can never forget Additional Mathematics Class, when we would sit together and just talk all about nonsense and laugh and laugh at the teacher who made bad jokes, so un-funny that it became funny. I miss laughing with you and talking about pimples and don'ttalktoofastit'sgonnapoplikeavolcanokaboom! I still have all the diaries where you wrote all those little notes of yours. And even though I'd probably said this a million times already, I still can't believe we ended up being best friends after spending the first year wanting to stab each other with a pen.

Me and Jammy

I miss the nights we would spend hours and hours on your messy so very very messy room. I remember where we would close our eyes and come up with stories from the images that continue to pop up every now and then into our very messed up brains. I remember spending most of my time with you and always never forgetting sleeping during Malay class because as foreigners we could. I remember mall trips and food trips and sitting outside the cinema because we didn't have enough money to watch the movies so we just watched trailers of upcoming movies trip.

I miss high school life (and you guys) more than I could ever realize.

Reminiscing can be such a drag.

Lotsa love, Jana

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