Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jana, I am your fodder...

There's a bad part about the holiday's that I've always really realized after the first few days have gone past.

I mean sure you can sleep late into the afternoon till your body goes numb, eat all kinds of things till your tummy goes numb, watch TV till your brain goes numb, send text messages till your thumb goes numb, do anything till anything goes numb.

Which caaan be fun.

But then there's no more fodder for your blog because as you're lying there in your bed, or couch or whatever, you realize, you have no life.

And this is me, every time there's a holiday. First few days, I enjoy the whole not having much to do thing, then the next few days I start getting restless, and finally I end up just getting bored out of my mind and wishing above else that school would start already.

I could go out, you say. I could, since I do love traveling but there is also a part of me that's really lazy and that pretty much controls my brain matter all the time, I end up being too lazy to go out.

Staying at home, I've exhausted all the resources of "fun" stuff to do and I never thought this day would come ever, but I'm even bored of the internet.

That is a crime above all crimes.

I ought to be shot.

Lotsa love, Jana



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