Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No blog juice to turn into blog entry...

Ok, so I've been tagged.

I hardly ever do tags though so please Jay do forgive me for not bothering to post up all the rules.

Heck, I just posted one of the rules that I find satisfying enough to post on.

The Rules of this tag:
2. List ten (10) random facts about yourself.

My Random Facts
1. I've been called so many weird names that impact of name-calling has long faded away into oblivion. Names stored forever in my memory includes: Steroid lady, Banana, Jan the Man, Viking, etc.
2. I joined Speech and Drama Club - Level 1 for three years in a row because I always get tired halfway through the year and quit.
3. As a dare, I once spat a mouthful of soft-drinks into a classmates mouth.
4. I sometimes catch myself talking to myself out loud, in public.
5. I store many many pictures of kids on my laptop, digicam, mobile phone, including kids that I have no relationship whatsoever.
6. The shortest relationship I ever had lasted for a week. Well two days to be exact. The first day was when we became an item, a week passed till the next time I saw him and we ended it on that day.
7. I almost died when I was seven.
8. It took me 30 minutes to think of something to type about in number 8.
9. 20 more here.
10. I just finished my Hermeneutical Paper. A cause for celebration.

I tag, well no one actually.

Lotsa love, Jana



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