Friday, November 23, 2007


If only...

If only people weren't so judgemental. If only people could walk around and no one would be judging them just by the way they're walking, the way they're talking, the way they're smiling, the way they're dressing, the way they color their hair, the way everything on the outside looks like. It's hard enough to live life as it is, but to have people look at you, tear apart your being and decide on who and what you are all based on things that can't really be helped, put you back together and walk away because their eyes decided for them that you weren't worthy of any further attention, well it makes life so much harder to live through. What would happen if first impressions didn't remain as the only impression, the only chance, that one shot at your friendship? Life is hard enough as it is.

If only things weren't so hard to fix. If only problems were solved with just a snap of a finger instead of taking so many routes and twists and turns and tumbles and falls and hurts and tears and pains and when it does gets solved, things are never the same again because there was just way too much words said and too much painful arrows thrown with accuracy and purpose to hit where it hurt the most. Why is pride so hard to swallow and why can't people just bend down from their lofty positions and admit that they were wrong in the first place, to just stop in their tracks, to stop the tide of revenge and vengeance and the hurtful words and the tears? Life is hard enough as it is.

If only life isn't as hard as it is.

Lotsa love, Jana



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