Saturday, November 03, 2007

Darn frustrated...

Dear (Insert your name),

I didn't realize it was possible to get annoyed at someone the moment you hear them utter a sigh. But believe me it is possible because I've already expected what was to come after that sigh of yours. Complaints. Complaints. Complaints.

Heck you're worse than a girl.

There was this one time you went online and I dreaded talking to you because I just knew you were going to find some way to sneak your pile load of pity-me-please, so I just swiftly went to the Appear Offline button and clicked it with a vengeance. I was all peaceful and happy, the way hippies are when they're getting high, because for once you didn't bring me under the bondage of your emo-ness.

Life sucks, give me advice, I'm tired of this life.
Hey how about next time, when you ask people for advice, try not to shoot down every one that's given to you. They tend to slightly piss people off.

You don't know what it's like, you have no right to tell me that, you've never had the time when you had nobody.
Then don't come around asking me for advice, because sentences like that tend to reveal how much your deteriorating IQ is worse than mine.

And darn it, I should be the only one with deteriorating IQ. It's my tagline. It's what makes me unique, darn it! Not only do you annoy the shigeezers out of me, you insult me by taking away my one claim to uniqueness.

Blast you man!

Lotsa (not) love, Jana



Blogger shock said...

Oh i'm sure their IQ level isn't the one doing the dropping of the 2 of you. I'm pretty sure they just let their emotions do the guiding for them. And they were looking to you for comfort. But obviously you're just being a cold hearted bitch to them. So I'm sure by now they've realized it and come to the conclusion you're not worth feeling bad to. Cause when they look at your life, they laugh their butts off. But hey, i could be wrong. -shock

5:21 PM 
Blogger jana said...

oh shockie. once is enough but a whole lot of times? every single time? i think every night just draws the line you know. and hey my life is a comedy and am proud of it. at least i got something to laugh about rather than bitch about.

5:50 PM 

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