Thursday, December 20, 2007


A girl can only take so much.

A - (in this case) An article that comes before a noun indicating it quantity. A is an indication that the noun is of a single quantity.

Girl - (in this case) is a female human being, may indicate a young female or a youthful female person, in this case referring to a young teenager.

Can - (in this case) refers to the ability to do something or (not in this case) the color of a cloudless sky.

Only - (in this case) merely; and nothing more.

Take - (in this case) accept; receive willingly something given or offered.

So - (in this case) to a very great extent or degree.

Much - (in this case) a lot; to a very great degree or extent.

A girl can only take so much - (in this case) Dude, one more word, one more complaint, one more argument, one more freaking blowup and I am going to shove this pencil into my ear so that I would be deaf forever and therefore would be free of whining and complaining and your so basic annoying-ness.

Get a clue already.

Lotsa love, Jana



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want me to leave you alone just come out and say it

4:05 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Leave me alone

7:31 PM 

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