Thursday, December 06, 2007

Writing with words...

I'm envious.

I'm envious of the likes of Angelique, Heather, Kenny and Anonymous Waiter of Waiter Rant [dot] Com. But more of my envious energy falls on Waiter. I've always wanted to create words that are meaningful and touching, where at the end of every entry there is this sentence/phrase that hits the readers, bam!, oh yeah that was like so touching that it totally touched me and totally made me want to cry/laugh/smile and I am so going to comment on that.

It's like most of my writings are incoherent strings of words put together to show just how dumb and useless I can be when it comes to expressing my feelings. When I'm angry, sad or feeling very negative in particular, I can't seem to express it in a way that expresses it properly and all I end up expressing is the fact that I'm a very expressive idiot.

The bell has rung and my time here is up. I have other things to attend to. I have people to meet, food to eat and requirements to finish. The time for sitting down and complaining about my lack of writing skills, wishing that I had writing skills to match those of Waiter, expressing my expressive idiocy and the like are temporarily put to a stop as I have to face life as I know it once again.

Also, am really hungry.

Lotsa love, Jana



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