Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Because Nadie said please...

There are times when I get really really bored that I start filling up surveys and questions just to pass the time. Sometimes people tag me with these memes and sometimes I concede and actually do it. Because of a personal friend named Nadie, who asked me to do this (she said please) and so I have decided what the heee-- I might as well do it since I'm bored and enough already.

Tell me your real name
- Jana Glaiza Cuello Macabali

Your nickname(s)
- Jan, Janajee, Duckie and Pangga (only by the Turtle), Banana, Jan the Man.

Most weirdest name that you have been called?
- Jano-no

How about the most annoying?
- Jan the man, haha

Your sex
- Female.

Your sexuality
- Straight up female.

Your Birthdate
- January 24 1989

Your sign
- Daily dosage of Jana is dangerous to your health.

Your current location
- The Philip of Pines

Tell us about your lineage
- Erm... do I have to?

Your ethnicity
- Filipino

Are you single/taken/attached/not available/available/married?
- Taken, attached and wishfully waiting to be married to a Turtle.

- PDS/FEBIAS/FEBIAS/Promo Department of FEBIAS

What subjects or course are you taking?
- Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Major in Missions

What's your occupation?
- Student? Freeloader?

Do you drive?
- I wish.

Legally or illegally?
- I wish I had a car to drive, legal or illegally.

Do you smoke?
- You mean do I take in toxic chemicals into my body volutarily and killing my lungs with each deadly breath? No, I don't think so.

What is/are your fear(s)?
- Spiders, cockroaches and a guy who once tried to look sexy as he lifted his shirt in class when I was in highschool. If you've seen as much flab as I did then, you'd be scared too.

Honestly, do you think your attractive?
- No. But I've got a great sense of humor.

- I can come up with millions and millions of ways I can insert the phrase "my brain dies every minute" in any conversation.

- You guys decide.

What is/are your most over-used expressions?
- My brain dies every minute.

What about your most over-used pose?
- The oh my goshness did I just do something wrong again quick think of something funny so that people would think you did that on purpose and then then they would laugh and everyone would forget how idiotic you so looked back there pose.

Would you date someone ten year older or younger?
- He could my age, older, younger, 15, 24, 2, 1.5 years of gap between us, if he ain't the Turtle, I ain't dating him.

Best physical asset(s) of the opposite sex?
- Eyes.

Best non-physical asset(s) of the opposite sex?
- Maturity and his tolerance level. Turtle has tolerated mountain loads of crazy and bitchy stunts that I have pulled on him and he can still look at me and say "I love you even though you've pulled that crazy bitchy stunt on me just now".

Best physical and non-physical asset YOU think you have?
- Erm... my eyes? My sense of humor? My complete ability to make a fool of myself so that people would laugh (at me)?

Lotsa love, Jana



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