Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Union of the Opposites...

I played hoops at this arcade place. I did really really bad. I couldn't even get past level one. In then end, I spent a ton of money that I could have spent on something more important, like food, and with very painful arms. But it's ok, because I had fun.


There were so many people and they pushing and shoving because of these two sisters/actresses who were there promoting this movie of theirs. It's like everywhere I go there was someone making some noise and sometimes you couldn't hear yourself think. But it's ok, because it gave me peace.


We fought yesterday and I really wanted to shove you off a bridge somewhere because man you are so frustrating at times. Yes I know it was sort of my fault but you couldn't have just waited until wasn't being so dumb and then tell me where it was that I was being stupid in? It would have been a whole lot less painful for both of us. But it's ok, because you showed you that even though I'm the most craziest girl you could ever consider to be your girlfriend/future-wife, you still gave me love.


Lotsa love, Jana

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