Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have nothing to be proud of.

I have always made a mess of my life from day one. I've lied. I've cheated. I've stolen. I've stepped on people to get what I want. I've shamed people who did no wrong. I've ignored my conscience several times. I've gone too far and sometimes I didn't go far enough.

And I know I'm weak
I know I'm unworthy
To call upon Your name

But You placed in me my worth.

You came down from lofty heights and made me whole. Through You I learned to tell the truth. Through You I learned to work hard on my own. Through You I learned to be satisfied with what I had. Through You I learned to help people get up when they're on their knees. Through You I learned to listen to Your voice of truth. Through You I attempt to do everything just the way You want me to.

But because of Your grace
Because of Your mercy
I stand here unashamed

So I stand here, welcomed in Your presence.

I may have been flat on the floor before, but now I'm standing. I stand here because You called me friend. I stand here because You gave me mercy. I stand here because You loved me first. I stand here, once bent and broken, now tall and strong. I stand here because You have secured my peace.

Here I am at Your feet
In my brokenness, complete

I have everything in the world to be proud of, because I placed my everything in You and because You deemed me worthy.

I have You to be proud of.

Lotsa love, Jana

[Quoted lyrics from the song Unashamed by Starfield.]

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Anonymous katy said...

i love message of this song!!

5:48 PM 

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