Friday, March 13, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama


Here I was watching TV, when suddenly, out of the blue, some of neighbors started screaming bloody murder outside. It really was like a murder was happening right outside my house. I know I should have been scared, which was the normal Jana thing to do, but nothing ever happens at this house, and I think the novelty of the event caught me by surprise because I, immediately, turned off the TV and ran outside to see what was happening.

I guess I should be thankful that the gate was already locked, because the whole drama was happening right in front of our house. Chairs were being thrown around and kids were crying. According to my sources, which consist of people speaking outside after the event and me crouching behind our gate trying to grasp at what happened, it really was not as serious as it sounded.

Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder was actually the one who started the whole thing, it seemed, because she kept going to Mr. Guy Throwing Chair's house to shout obscenities at Mr. Guy Throwing Chair and his family. Mr. Guy Throwing Chair of course got pissed off in the end and comes out and says something to the effect of "I'm going to punch you into pulpy juice", and Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder decides to scream bloody murder. Everyone comes out and pulls Mr. Guy Throwing Chair away before he hits Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder with the chair that he keeps throwing around. Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder was lucky though it seemed, because Mr. Guy Throwing Chair was really all bark but not bite. Mr. Guy Throwing Chair never really planned to hurt Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder, he just wanted to scare her, and she promptly displayed her fear by her multiple bloody murder screams. By doing so, Mr. Guy Throwing Chair, not only sacred Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder, but also just scared everybody else, including his own kids, hence the crowd of people and the crying children.

After hearing all this, Ms. Crouching Behind The Gate And Listening To All That Is Being Said (that's me by the way), decides that that was not so scary after all, and it was kind of a funny event too, and decides to go back into the house and watch TV again, and blog all about it later.

The second Friday the 13th of the year had a funny way of ending.

Lotsa love, Jana



Anonymous Jammy said...

I hope nobody got hurt in the end. Now that you put it that way, it is quite funny! haha

9:29 PM 
Anonymous chiui said...

that's a kewl post! and a kewl header, btw. rofl!
anyway, if i were on your place that time, i would do the same thing, and then immediately PLURK it! haha.

9:07 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@Jammy; I think nobody got hurt in the end cause Ms. Screaming Bloody Murder became Ms. Gossip With The Neighbors The Next Day, so I'm sure she's feeling much better....

@Chiui; I would have plurked it but decided, that I'd blog about it and then share the entry on plurk. hahahaha. Thanks about the header. Took the picture myself and that was the fish my Turtle cooked for me. Hahaha

3:18 PM 

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