Monday, March 09, 2009

The Master Rapper

Francis M. recently passed away, as most Filipinos already know by now. He was a man to be remembered and to be respected by the Filipino community. He made the Filipinos proud.

I don't know why I'm typing something like this or why I even really care, but you see I do care. Just watching him and reading about him, Francis M., the Master Rapper of the Philippines, was really different from all those other deaths of celebrities that seemed to follow one after the other here in this country.

His death wasn't shrouded in mystery, and in hushed tones. His life wasn't much filled with different wives, and kids just sprouting from everywhere. His work was clean, and if you could say that about a guy, it was beautiful.

Even his memorial episodes on TV weren't the typical somber all people clad in black event, but everyone was in white and everyone, though of course mourning the loss of an important person, seemed lighthearted, as if everyone was just remembering the time they spent with the guy. Like a gathering of friends remembering that great guy that they knew.

That's why I care.

Because, selfishly as it may seem, I want people to remember me that way. Not with scandals and rumors, but as a gathering of friends remembering their crazy, weirdo friend and just lighthearted laughing about her and missing her. No hushed tones, no painful thoughts, no anger, no bitterness, no regrets.

Francis M., at 44, probably lived life to the fullest, and I, Jana Macabali, even at the mere age of 20, want to live life to the fullest too. I may not get famous or on TV, but I want those people who I am with, those people who know me, to be touched by my life.

And as someone said about him on TV, the Master Rapper has gone home to meet his Master. Rest in peace, Francis M. Your life has touched many, more than you have probably touched mine.

Enjoy heaven.

Lotsa love, Jana

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