Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Poor Body

Apologies for the barrage of emotional statements.

I think my emotions just took a nosedive following the death of common sense that I borrowed from a friend because common sense was something I was never really familiar with. I, however, am blessed with an overflowing amount of nonsense, and I am willing to share.

My nose is blocked and my eyes are so swollen, so swollen in fact that keeping them open demands extra effort that is usually alloted to keeping my brain cells alive, whatever is left of them. Ah, but what's a couple of brain cells? I've never really needed them in the first place anyway.

My head hurts too. But of course what do I expect? Can't my head hurt because parts of it are dying? I think my head hurting is just the rightful protest for my neglect of it's wants and needs because I am emotional, my heart demands all my attention.

This is nonsense.

This is really a fun funny day, isn't it?

Lotsa love, Jana



Anonymous chiui said...

hopped! this is katie's friend. :D

i hope youre doing well. we all have our own emo days. or swollen eye days. or blocked nose days..

but they all make sense to me. :)

6:57 AM 
Blogger jana said...

hey chiui,

thanks for the concern. hahaha. feeling really better now. :). plus it's fun being emo at times! hahaha

4:02 PM 

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