Monday, April 06, 2009

Engulfing is Such a Cool Word

There's this need to spew words and yet the topics that I want to discuss seem to evade me like rabid bunnies showing their tails and winking at me and then running down the their hole to hide from me when I approach them.

Darn bunnies.


Type. Type. Type, type, type, type. Erase, erase, type type, erase. Type type type, erase, type. Erase, erase, erase, erase, erase, erase, erase, erase. Type.

Empty white screen.

The empty white screen is engulfing me.

Must say something. Must do something. Must blurt out something, anything to get rid of the appalling white screen of engulfing-ness.



Staying up in the middle of the night and typing useless crap that makes no sense, how old are you? You're already twenty, can't you think of more things with depth and imagination and meaning, instead of the immature things that you write that people are never going to purposely read out of their own free will, because hello, who would choose to poison their mind with your drivel?


But sometimes, words are all I've got. When I'm down and out, when I'm restless, when I'm happy, when I'm bored, when I'm busy, when I need to explode, when I need to share, when I'm disturbed, when I'm scared. Sometimes, words are all I've got to give.


Pensive thoughts, think pensive-tivity!


You know what's lacking in this entry? Relevant content. There's actually nothing for me to say because nothing has really happened recently that has grabbed my attention enough to exaggerate and blog about it. The lack of nothing significant is so ridiculous that I cannot find the words suitable to exaggerate the lack-ness of significant happenings, but bravely enough I shall give it a shot:

My life at the moment is like watching the grass grow, and it's all a bunch of slow growing grass, and there's no snakes or bugs or anything around to make this slow growing grass interesting.


Well that was a lame attempt.

Let me distract you with more dots, and when you're sufficiently distracted by the distracting dots that I have employed to purposely distract you, I shall make my escape when you are efficiently distracted.


Lotsa love, Jana

Ignore me and this bullocks of an entry. If it's possible to be intoxicated from drinking too much grape-juice, then you can blame this useless entry on the account of me being drunk on grape juice.



Anonymous Jammy said...

wah lau! that entry was so friggin random dude!!! WAHAHAHAHA! just kidding! Hurray for grape juice!

10:55 PM 
Blogger jana said...

hahaha i had nothing to type and there was a need in me to type and hence i blabbered. i happen to be really good at blabbering. hahaha

12:38 AM 

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