Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm Working On It

This is an excerpt from my novel and this is my favorite paragraph:

Her name is Melissa Cruz; we’ve been best friend since we were born, literally, since both our moms were best-friends who do everything together. They got married at the same date, got pregnant at around the same time, and I think this is ridiculous and personally believe that my mom may have made me come out earlier than I was supposed to, but we were both born at the same time, in the same hospital.

Ridiculous, but true.

And just like our moms, we are the closest of friends, we’re best-friends. As neighbors, we grew up in each other’s faces, taken baths together as children, went to the same school from kinder to high-school, and now in the same college, taking up the same course. We even have the same favorite color and sports: Violet and Volleyball. I call her Mel and she calls me Kel. We are exactly like our moms except for one crucial difference.

I was inevitably, unbelievably, completely and deeply in love with Melissa Cruz.

5,719 words, and several more thousands words to go.

Lotsa love, Jana



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