Friday, November 13, 2009

A Rant - I Be The Duck

I am going to rant and spew angry thoughts unto a guy who ruined my friend's life by seducing her and now they've eloped, with the girl's family broken-hearted, and she had such a wonderful future ahead of her, and if the guy really loved the girl, why did he ruin her life like this? He could have waited and now what? If he really loved her, then he would have made sure that she finished college first, he would have gotten a job to be able to provide for her, and please don't tell me that's love, giving up everything blah blah, that's not love, they gave in to lust and not love, and what are they going to do now? Seriously. And yeah I know the girl is at fault too for being an idiot, but I can honestly say that I hate the guy more. He is a complete ass-wipe. I mean elopement?! Come on, that is such an idiotic thing to do, and Mr. Ass-wipe better not show his face and general body mass around me because he is going to get his ass kicked. Hard. Really, really, hard.

And I end this post with this picture.

By sglider12.

Because the duck kicks ass.

Lotsa love, Jana



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