Wednesday, December 02, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Do you know how it feels?

No really, I bet you have no idea how it feels whenever you find out that one person you've trusted is actually not someone worth trusting, because honestly if you actually did know how that feels, then you would not have the energy or the emotion, or whatever it is you need, to betray someone who really trusted you.

What am I saying?

Well this is what I'm saying and read this words because I know you read this. You've never really trusted anyone, and because of that people have never really trusted you, or even if they actually did, you're lack of loyalty to anyone but yourself makes sure that it does not last long. You are the most selfish human being I have ever met, and for once in your life, can you just stuff it, and leave everyone alone? Just because you're not having fun, does not mean you can force everyone else to fall, you twisted, selfish, coward of a person.

And I will not take those words back.


No love whatsoever, Jana



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