Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reaching That Point

Have you ever felt like you have nothing left to say?

And you try, and you try to say something, but it all comes out weird and wrong and all over the place. Like it doesn't even make sense to anybody but you.

You want to sound interesting, funny, heartwarming, and even inspirational, but all you get is mud. A muddy feeling of ugliness that would not make anyone feel happy, sad, inspired, or anything other than irritation for having wasted their time.

And what's more everyone else around you is writing better than you and they're getting more opportunities to write. While, you, poor baby, well, you're stuck in this limbo like state, where you're not absolute crud anymore, but you're not making the waves with what you write.

I'm right there, exactly at that place.

Please take me out?

Lotsa love, Jana



Anonymous Anonymous said...

idk what u're talking about, u write well.

i'm not a writer but, i have been told by many ppl that i am a great writer. they said...i have a way with words.

anyways...so...keep on writing...and just feel good that you're writing lol

3:01 PM 
Blogger jana said...

@Anon; hahaha, thanks.. I appreciate the compliments

8:38 AM 
Anonymous wilma granadillos said...

i wish to e-mail you some photos of aratiles from our farm, its full of vit. c next to guava and its what's making the birds healthy !!!!

10:09 AM 

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