Friday, February 26, 2010


Sometimes people are so weird.

Even though something that makes so much sense is prancing about right in front of them, and all they have to do is grab the opportunity. Except they don't, because they're too scared, or too lazy, or too idiotic to take the leap of obvious rewards, because they're such babies. They don't realize that if they just take that leap, they'd get whatever it is that they wanted if they just grab it instead of flowing the obviously mistake crowd of scared people just like them

I'm so disappointed with humanity.

Lotsa love, Jana



Blogger kay karim said...

i like your post..nice!~

4:51 PM 
Blogger Seeking Understanding said...

I now feel guilty taking the escalator...seriously. The MRT/LRT will never be the same again ;P

12:26 AM 
Blogger jana said...

@Kay; thanks :)

@SK; DUDE! That is all. hahahah

5:23 PM 

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