Monday, February 01, 2010

Just A Thought

I do not like Avatar.

Yes, that 3D movie everyone is raving about? With the great graphics that would blow someone's mind out? Yes, that's the one. I do not like that movie.


Because it's predictable.

And the one typing this entry is shot with a realization.

Wow, it's the first time in my entire life I've ever admitted not liking the predictable. How could this possibly be? I, the one who claims that the reason why said one runs from realism (and slightly unpredictable story lines), the one who when buying a book, immediately goes to the last page so said one could know exactly how it ended before further reading. That one and the same "I" is now saying that I hate a movie because it's predictable?



I do not know where this entry is heading.


Ah, heck.



Lotsa love, Jana



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