Friday, August 06, 2010

Irony, Oh Bitter Irony

Words are lacking.

Ironically enough, though I say that, I can't seem to run out of words to say, type, shout and express the things that need to be said. Can't seem to describe what I'm feeling though.

I feel like I'm floating on a cloud, and it's not a good floating on a cloud feeling, but more of hanging, high up, in the air, just waiting, waiting, slowly, slowly, excruciatingly painful slowly waiting, till that final time the rain starts and the clouds can no longer hold me up and I fall, spiraling down, down, down into an abyss of darkness and fear, an ocean depth of tears.

Hmm, what do you know, I managed to describe it.

Maybe it's the rain, maybe it's the people around me, but all of a sudden this week just blows. I can't wait till all of this is over, and I finally have the chance to leave [you] and all memories [of you] behind.


Lotsa love, Jana



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