Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Failed Attempt

Intelligent musings?

Now, unfortunately, if you came here looking for that, I have none to offer. I have dreams about Barney, fangirling nonsense for drawn anime men, and your regular what-happened-to-me-today type of entries, but intelligent musings. No, no, none of that here.

I envy those who can write things like that, it seems when God was showering that type of blessing to people, I was under an umbrella. I can't even make a proper musing without ruining it with nonsense upon nonsense.

So now that you know, you may go and look somewhere else. Somewhere, somewhere else for you will not find anything of the type that you're looking for. No, not here. Somewhere else, but never here.

Here is where plans remain as plans and dreams forever never meet reality.

Lotsa love, Jana

P.S. What exactly have I been smoking?

Even I do not know.



Blogger Ethlenn said...

I think I'm gonna spank you!
You know I love to read nonsense, so stop whining and write some! How long do I have to wait for your actually writing?? I bet you have some nice stories up your sleeve, but apparently you are not willing to share. Hmmm... My wrath will be upon you sooner than you can say Lee Minho!

Eh, Jana, maknae^^
Hope your preps for exams are going fine^^

10:47 PM 
Blogger jana said...

Hahahha, alright, alright!

Will do some ACTUAL writing soon. Maybe after exams? But will write something soon.

In fact I already have something in my head to write about. Hehehehehe :)

10:57 PM 

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