Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of The World?

Warning: I shall be ranting.

It's May 21 and it's 8 pm. The world is not ending, and I never believed it in the first place anyway. I wonder how Camping and his people are going to worm their way out of this one. I know they'll make some lame excuse, that people will believe it because that's just how they roll, and they'll still say that what Camping said was valid.

I don't really care, and I don't really want to spend my time bashing against these people. They believe what they believe, it's their prerogative. Personally, I think they're sincere, but sincerely wrong.

My problem is with these people making a spectacle of my religious beliefs, because they refuse to study the Bible on their own. That includes these people, and those who choose to make fun of us because of them.

I've always been respectful of other people's beliefs, but what I can't understand is that why can't these same people afford me that right? Humility aside, but I'm one smart kid. I'm not an idiot who just believes whatever is placed in front of me. I do study and weigh my options before I make my life choices.

So, don't insult me.

You want to believe in evolution, that we're created by chance, and that we have no purpose in life than to just have sex, eat and die, then that's your choice, that's your bias.

And you know what else? Atheists claiming they have no bias really piss me off. They do. No one has no bias, that's just ridiculous. Everything, even science takes basic assumptions, (you know those things that they claim to be true even without proof, in other words faith, duh) and no one can prove everything. Just admit it already, and stop acting like you're better than everyone else.

You're not.

Another thing that pisses me off? These people spouting off "proofs" that the Bible isn't real, quotes and verses, taken and out of context and twisted to appear that it's wrong. If you're going to make fun of the Bible at least make sure you know what the heck you're talking about.

Most of these people haven't even read the Bible. Do your research, study what you're trying to discredit because there's a reason why there are a lot of us in this world, you know? I think it's pretty jerky of you to think us all blind idiots, don't you think?


End of rant.



Blogger Vasia said...

Ohoho. Our Jana's claws are out! And I perfectly agree with you. I am sort of an agnostic myself. I hope there's something there, not sure there is and don't care since I want to live by the rules of this life and this world and enjoy it. My mindset is of the "I'll worry about the next world when I get there, and I hope there is one, but for now, I'll live by what I can see" variety. Because I also believe that it's a possibility this life is all there is and we should enjoy it and leave it better people than we entered it, if that's the case.

That said, I am open to any beliefs and I accept the rights of people to have them, even if I don't agree with them. I DO find some beliefs and practices idiotic and I will judge them, but I will judge them based on logic, ethics and common sense and decency. Meaning, I don't abide people who ignore what is good for themselves and others based on some book or belief or word. I will, however, accept their mindset if it comes from their own wishes and own judgment. The clearheaded kind. So, it's a part of MY ethics and beliefs to accept some things and not accept others, but it's not something I plucked out of thin air or some religion or something someone else said or ordered.

Lastly, we all have bias so each of us have their own "faith" in a sense. So yes, saying you believe something without bias is also idiotic. I can take someone having their own thoughts and I can even take someone judging and hating my own, but they should at least have the common sense to realize they are as biased as it gets. Like we all are.

So what I'm getting at is:

- Be open-minded
- Accept the fact that you're biased and have your own views and judge everyone by them
- Accept that no matter what you say, we can't really know the truth about such issues so stop "being sure" everyone else has it wrong
- Your "proof" doesn't work on someone operating on faith so stop trying to prove how awesome you are and leave them be, unless that faith is causing them to hurt themselves or others.

That said, if a person somehow believes God will love them if they whip their backs 100 times a day or something, I consider that a mental illness and would get that person some help.

Faith is important, but so is our life and our well-being. So, if someone gets too fanatical, to the point they place the afterlife and their faith over their own well-being in our here and now and cause harm to themselves and others, I consider that an issue.

As George Carlin said "Keep thy religion to thyself". Respect yourself, this world and the people around you and then I will fight for your right to believe in anything you want. As do I.

10:50 PM 
Blogger Ethlenn said...

I grew up in a religious family, I lost my faith, but I didn't turn out to be some raging hater claiming to know all the rules of the universe. Instead, I accept the fact that the faith is important, because it is. Atheists don't have faith, they say? Oh yes they have. Their credo is this - I believe, firmly believe that YOU are an ignorant idiot for believing in God.

But you know where the funny part starts? Everyone embraces individualism. Individualism is not the same thing as personal freedom, mind you. Individualism comes from... omo, Christianity. And seriously, I laugh off those who claim that pagan/wiccan/sh*tty MTV quasi-ancient ways of life were individualistic. If someone thinks like that, one should better read some proper books, and not believe that what's in fantasy books is real.

So yes, I feel irritated when fools bash other people's beliefs. Because it is just a display of their shortsightedness.

Moreover, they don't know what they bash. They probably can't distinguish between doctrine and religion. Doctrine is always a fundamental pillar to a religion. Religion can not function without it, but doctrine can live just fine. Plus, bashing a doctrine HAS to be conducted on a philosophical level. Anything except for this is just feud between kids whether their toys are more fun.
But, to properly outweight the allegations/accusations, the philosophical background is needed. To be honest, there is a lot going on with many churches, not only christian one. It's not like one religion is bad and the other is good. Every religion has something to offer, and it's not like we accept everything mindlessly. Religion changes. If religion doesn't change - it dies.
What's more, sometimes people tend to compare this and this religion being clueless about either of them. Saying that, ie. buddhism never harmed anyone, is a pure ignorance. Take Japan history as an example. And the bubble vanishes.
As I said every faith has something to offer, be it the hope, the promise, the lead or pure fun (OK, scientology is not exactly a faith/religion, but hell, it's funny^^).
Stay strong!

As they say - the grass is always greener on the other side.

2:02 AM 
Blogger jana said...

I love you both.

I know a lot of people of different faiths, and they respect me just fine. It gives me hope that not all atheists are turds, and not all people of different religious beliefs are out to get me.

(I'll be back to regular internet in about a week or two, so wait for meeeee ates. MWUAH!)

12:48 PM 
Blogger FSB said...

I love your point of view. What we must respect is that everyone has the right to their opinion.

I love your comment: "Everything, even science takes basic assumptions..."

Absolutely, and assumptions are the mother of all errors...

Although I believe in objective truths such as the concept of love, as in we all agree that whatever we are feeling is called "love", our definitions are different.

4:58 AM 
Blogger Jessica said...

Amen, sister

9:59 PM 

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