Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Look At My Pretty Bus Card

Example on language barrier issues:

I had to load my bus card for only 2,500 Won. Unfortunately, I didn't know that you can only load 5,000 Won and higher. After the conversation, where we were both speaking two very different languages with shaking of head and hand gestures later, I ended up with 25,000 Won in my bus card, and a promise to come back once a week to pay my debt as I only had 5,000 Won with me.

The man was very nice though, and it was probably my fault in there somewhere.



Blogger Ania Skowronek said...

What a lovely pictures! I wish you were still writing...

7:47 AM 
Blogger jana said...

Well I don't really write anymore :( and sometimes I miss it... I feel like I should come back to this someday... but I have moved in photography:

11:11 AM 
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Blogger Mahaishis Kusuma said...

NICE... :)))

4:20 AM 

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