Saturday, May 27, 2006

The things that people do...

There was once a girl who decided that she wanted someone who would keep her heart. Who would take care of it, as if it was his own. She saw many people willing to take care of each other's hearts and she wanted that with someone too.

So she went around, advertising her heart. She showed it to everyone, whether they were interested or not. She did everything she could so that someone would be interested in holding on to her heart.

She tried being the willing to do anything type. But everyone she turned to just wanted to use her. Her trust was abused each and every time. They took her heart and trampled it to the ground.

She tried being the independent girl. Maybe if she gave off vibes that said, don't take care of me. Maybe, just maybe someone out there would consider it as a challenge to take care of her.

But every time someone took on the challenge, she would revert back to her willing to do anything persona. Her trust was abused each and every time. They also took her heart and trampled it to the ground.

She thought maybe it's time to make people actually like her. She decided to be funny. To be friendly. She found her friends. She met great people. Yet, no one was interested in taking care of her heart. No they were only interested in her friendship.

Her heart it seemed was too much of a bother for anyone to take care of. No, they were not interested in her heart.

Then she met someone. He seemed interested in taking care of her heart. Cautiously, she approached him.

"Will you take care of my heart?"

He looked down and saw her holding out her precious heart, that has suffered so many bruises from being trampled to the ground.

"Sure," he said. "I'll take care of your heart."

She asked if she could take care of his heart. He shook his head. He said, he has been hurt too much. Give him time he said and he'll give it to her when he was ready.

Weeks, months, until a year later. He still wasn't ready to share his heart to her.

It turns out, he only took her heart because it looked a whole lot like the heart of someone else. It looked like the heart of the one person whom he once gave his own heart to. The girl who trampled his heart to the ground. This girl was the only one he wanted to share his heart to.

By the end of the relationship, the heart of our protagonist, ended up being trampled to the ground once again.

"I don't want this anymore. I don't!"

On the floor, her tears overflowed. The only guy who took her heart and promised to take care of her, threw it away. He threw it away like a peace of meat that no longer served whatever purpose he once had for it.

No more. She kept her heart hidden from plain view. Smiling on the outside, yet growing cold on the inside. Nobody is going to take care of her heart, she told herself. No one.

She might as well get used to it.

Then, a guy walks by. Showing his heart to the world. He wanted his heart to be taken care of. She scoffed at him. Then she noticed that his heart was much more torn. Much more bruised.

Interested, she walked up to him.

"Why are you offering your heart around? Shouldn't you be used to the fact that no one wants it anymore? Don't you want to stop hurting?"

"Because I know somewhere out there, someone will take care of my heart. So no matter how bruised and broken it is, I know, that she will heal it."

She felt a soft tug inside her. She looked inside her, at her heart that she thought was too cold to be given to anyone anymore. It grew warm and she thought, maybe, she too would give it a shot. Maybe once more would do the trick.

"Would you take care of my heart?" She asked once again.

"Only if you take care of mine." He replied.

Lotsa love, Jana

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